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Florida Hospital Credit Union
Online Banking VISA Card Access
Mobile Banking ATM Locator
Savings/Checking Fees

To open account

No charge

Minimum Balance Fee
(Balance in Share Savings drops below
$25 at any point during the month)


Overdraft Protection Transfer to cover
item in Checking/Share Draft


Inactive Account Fee (No activity for
at least 12 months)

Balance Less than $1000

Account Closure Fee (If closed voluntarily)

$25/first 30 days
$5/first 90 days

Overdraft Fee (NSF)

$30/per item

Returned Item Fee

$10/per item

Stop Payment Fee


Courtesy Pay


Check Printing Fee

First Box Free otherwise Prices may very depending on style

Uncollected Funds

$10/item if paid

Christmas Club Account withdrawls (if prior to November 1st or after December 31st)


Minimum balance Fee - Money Market
(Balance in Money Market drops below $2000
at any point during the month)


Regulation D Fee
(Federal law limits the number of automatic transfers from an interest bearing account to a checking account to 6 transfers a month. The categories of transations for which a Regulation D Fee may be imposed are: CuTalk transfers and withdrawals, online transfers, overdraft protection transfers, transfers done over the phone with a member service representative, and ACH withdrawals.)



Service Fees

Statement Delivery Fee
Account Reconciliation
Account Research
Items sent for Collection
Foreign Item Collection Fee
Wire Transfer
$10 for Domestic
$35 for International
Paid Items (cancelled check, paid cashiers checks)
Statement Copies
Statement returned (bad address)
Money Order
Cashier Check
Bank Check - Non Member
Cash Advance - Non Member


EFT Services

Audio Response(MAX)

No Charge

Online Banking

No Charge

ATM Insufficient Withdrawal

$30 each


$1/transaction or inquiry

Replacement ATM/Debit Card


ACH Insufficient Withdrawal



Share Value

Par Value of one share
(minimum 5 shares required)



Lending/Credit Card Fees:

Consumer Loan Late Fee
(assessed after 10 days from due date)


Loan Return Payment Fee


Credit Card Late Fee
(assessed after 10 days from due date)


Credit Card Replacement Fee


Credit Card Return Payment Fee


Credit Card Document Fee
(sales draft statement)



Mortgage Fees

Mortgage Late Fee payment
(assessed after 15 days after due date)

5% of overdue payment

HELOC Late Fee

(assessed after 16 days after due date)





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