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Establishing your membership in a credit union is a little different from opening an account at another financial institution. You may establish your membership by purchasing $25.00 worth of shares in the credit union. Because this establishes your membership, you may hear this savings account referred to as your "primary" or "main" share account. By purchasing and maintaining one $25 share in your savings account, you are a member of FHCU for life. This $25 deposit gives you the opportunity to have other services with FHCU including checking accounts, loans, and credit cards. If your deposit account balance falls below the minimum savings balance of $25, a monthly service charge (see Fee Schedule) will be assessed. And with all of our accounts, your deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Membership also comes with responsibility. Some of the responsibilities of membership include exercising voting rights and using the cooperative's services. When you use the cooperative's services, you are fulfilling your responsibility of economic participation. This means you have enough on deposit or out on loan to enable the credit union to provide you with valuable services and products. The more you use your credit union's services, the greater you and other members will benefit.


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