Access Your Account 24 Hours A Day

Florida Hospital Credit Union is at your service ANY time from the convenience of your phone. Thanks to CU*Talk, our telephone banking system. A touch-tone phone and your Personal Identification Number are all you need to use CU*Talk even after hours, on weekends and holidays!


With CU*Talk You Can

-Find out the current account balance of any of your FHCU Accounts

-Transfer funds from one account to another, such as checking, etc

-Make a loan payment

-Find out if checks written against your account have cleared

-Verify payroll deposits

-Get current dividend and rate information


Enjoy Complete Safety & Privacy

Only you can access your accounts via CU*Talk with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) that no one has access to. For safety’s sake, it’s a good idea to memorize your code. Never write it on your check register or other financial documents you carry in your purse or wallet.


To use CU*Talk, just call 1-866-303-9596

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