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FHCU Kid's Club is a fun and educational way to give your kids a head start in saving money and in their financial education. Learn about money the fun and educational way.


As a Member of this exclusive club, which includes kids 18 and under, your child will receive their very own savings account and much more!


Membership benefits include:


·         FHCU Savings Account

·         FHCU Membership Card

·         Kid’s Club Birthday Card

·         Informative Newsletter about savings education

·         Access to activities and games on the FHCU website

·         Educational tools to help learn money management

·         Fun activities held throughout the year


How to Join the FHCU Kid's Club


Joining is simple! Visit one of our offices with your parent or guardian to sign up. Your parents can visit FHCU without you and sign up for you as well! What are you waiting for? Join today and become a Member of this exclusive club!



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