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As our financial lives move faster than ever before, individuals, corporations and businesses want payments faster. To that end the financial services industry has been working to modernize the systems that allow deposits and payments to move at a faster pace. As one part of this improvement, beginning on Friday, Sept. 15, certain electronic payments may post to your accounts the same day they are made.
As part of an effort to improve and modernize the U.S. payments system, some electronic payments may be debited from your account earlier than usual. Beginning on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, electronic debit payments may be deducted from your account the same day you purchase items online using your debit card or your account number, schedule online bill pay, or make a payment by phone.
Many merchants and billing companies may offer you the option to make a same-day electronic payment, such as to pay a bill or to transfer funds. If you agree, then the funds might be debited from your account as soon as that very same day. For example, if you have a bill due on the 25th of the month, the billing company might allow you to call or use its website on the morning of the 25th to make an on-time payment, and have the funds debited from your account on the 25th (the same day). Payments may be debited from your account on the day of the transaction even if billing companies and merchants didn’t inform you.


  1. When you authorize a merchant or biller to debit your account at FHCU, your account may be debited the same-day.
  2. If you have pre-authorized an electronic payment, such as a recurring mortgage or insurance payment, then it’s likely there will be no change to the time these payments are posted to your account.
  3. You should always have sufficient funds in your account at the time transactions are being made, authorized, or initiated.
  4. You should review your account frequently.


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