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FHCU Holiday Loan- Limited Time Offer*

Promotion Guidelines
The wait is over! Our 12-12-12 Holiday Loan Promotion is here!

This year we’ve teamed up with the Coalition for the Homeless Central Florida, and want to help put presents under the tree for those kids that are less fortunate than others. As such, we will be giving a rate discount of up to 1% when you donate a toy to this great cause!

How do I get 1 % off?
The rate discount is tied to the number of toys donated.

1 Toy = 11.75%
2 Toys = 11.50%
3 Toys = 11.25%
4 Toys = 11.00%

How do I qualify?

  1. This offer is valid between Nov 1, 2017 – Dec 20, 2017.
  2. Minimum Credit Score Requirement 600.
  3. No outstanding judgments, charge-offs, repossessions, gov. claims, foreclosures, tax liens.
  4. Bankruptcies must be discharged and cannot have caused FHCU a loss.
  5. All FHCU accounts must be in good standing (no loans past due 10 days or more).
  6. Borrower cannot be enrolled with a debt management service.
  7. Any outstanding Credit Builder Loan (Credit Start/ Second Chance) must be paid in full prior to disbursement.
  8. Regular monthly debt ratios are not applicable.


%= APY (Annual Percentage Rate)
*Conditions Apply


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